Who is Ahmet Aksoy ?


My name is Ahmet Aksoy.


I am graduated from Ankara Science High School, and Middle East Technical University, as  a civil engineer.

My educational background is based on scientific knowledge. I see the known universe under the light of modern, scientific understanding. Both being an engineer, and working as a computer programmer for many years, forced me to become  analytical and materialistic.

However, at the dawn of our new century, I started to become aware of some new details that I’ve missed before. I became aware of some events which were quite difficult to explain with my existing scientific knowledge.

On the last night of the year 2000, we learned that the daughter of one of my wife’s friends had died because of carbon monoxide poisoning while she were taking a bath. She was a university student.

Both her mother and father are doctors. So, with heart massaging they returned her back. At the hospital, it was said that “brain death” occurred because of the long duration of oxygen insufficiency. But, her mother did not accept that result. Winter conditions were hard. Most of the roads were closed because of excessive snow. Anyway, they reached a qualified hospital in Istanbul.

Our patient were in deep coma for more than 3 months. All known techniques of modern medicine including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and very new, unknown techniques were applied to her with the supervision of her mother. Also some other therapies which were rejected by modern medicine, were used also. It was a very long, difficult and tiresome process.

During that period of time, we saw many things that look illogical, and we could not explain with our existing knowledge. We became aware of some interesting details.  We became aware of that we didn’t know much about  that we thought as we knew.

We learned that human body is gifted with many properties. Queries brought new questions. So, I restarted reading books that I deferred for a quite long time. I restarted reading books with such a will, then first I got a “Speed Reading”, then a “Speed Reading Trainer” certificate.

I didn’t stop with speed reading. EFT became a new step for me. I used it both for myself, and for people around me. And I continue…

In 2011 I got Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, and Advanced Life Coaching certificates from AUNLP.

Life is more elastic than we think, and its laws are not very rigid. When we become aware of our circumstances, we understand it better.

The most important behavior is to become aware of!.. Then, other details come spontaneously…

At the end of 2011, together with my wife Nilüfer Aksoy, we published our first book in Turkish:  EFT – TEPELEME.

I hope we will publish many more new books on different subjects related with Personal Development.

Ahmet Aksoy,  2013,  Istanbul / Turkey


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