May 012013

Is Hypnosis Magic?


For many people, hypnosis is a mysterious and even frightening tool which came wafting from ancient times. According to these people, by using hypnosis, anyone can be forced to do things they do not want. Hypnosis is a kind of magic.

For some other people, hypnosis is only a stage game. It is a pastime.

Some new hypnosis practitioners share a dream to access to the confidential information hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind, and its secret treasures.

However, hypnosis is an important part of our everyday life. While we are watching our favorite TV series or a famous movie at home, we are under hypnosis. We don’t hear the doorbell, or the phone rings.

When we study hard, or we fall in love then we’re under hypnosis. These times that pass like the wind blows, is a clear state of hypnosis. A state of hypnosis, makes our door to subconscious open wide, and therefore makes us open to external factors.

For Television, they say “idiot box”. What is so wrong! TV, is actually a hypnosis machine. Because, fools, or people who has difficulty to focus attention on a single subject cannot be hypnotized. What about the others?.. Intelligence does not provide a protection against hypnosis for them. And, they are subjected to an intense bombardment of advertising, and political orientation.

Here I will try to investigate the history of hypnosis, its usage patterns, and will try to deal with some sample applications. If you want to find out what hypnosis is, or if you want to share information about this topic, stay tuned with me.

Ahmet Aksoy

Advanced Hypnotist, NLP Master, EFT Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach