Apr 112015

Free Procrastination Script

Free Procrastination script

Now, when you think about what you like or what you do, you feel happy. You feel better having some works to be completed in time.

If there is anything to be done, you feel better while you are doing it. And you feel better when you completed it on time. It might be a very simple task. Maybe it is to clean the house, or a homework, or being in a party with your family.

When you are at the office, or at the school, or wherever you are, a new item in your to do list, makes you feel better. You like to do things to be done. You like to complete your duty. You complete them as soon as possible. So you gain extra time by doing so. You feel better.

You feel better when you completed your tasks, one by one.

You feel better having new things to be done.

You like yourself, and you like your life.

You feel comfortable and happy. You are always on time. You are always happy.