Apr 302013

Be Aware Of Hidden Hypnosis


In our normal lives, we go under hypnosis many times without being aware of it.  Hypnosis is completely natural. It  is  the situation that our conscious mind stops to defend itself. It occurs when our conscious mind  gives up the struggle.

Some people think that hypnosis is like walking  in sleep. Yes, it was derived from the Greek word sleep “Hypnos”, but  it is completely different.

Hypnosis is the case of the conscious mind’s giving up the struggle. It is the acceptance of external directives and commands without querying.

While reading, if you like the book and have no questions to ask, you can easily go under hypnosis.

While you are watching TV, if you don’t have a habit of asking questions about what is said and what is shown, you are a volunteer to be hypnotized.

While you are watching your football team, or dancing in a crowded party you are mostly in hypnosis. Because, you have no need to ask any questions.

If you are in love, then you are in deep hypnosis. You will never judge your lover’s behaviors. Otherwise you feel as if you are cheating him, or her.

While you are listening to the leader of your political party, you are under hypnosis. So, you never judge what is being said.

While in shopping, if you have no questions to ask, you can be easily put under hypnosis.

All mothers are under deep hypnosis, in case of any relations with their children.

Then, is hypnosis so dangerous?

Here, we must distinguish the open and covert hypnosis applications. If you want to get into hypnosis willingly and consciously, regardless of the method used, it is entirely your choice, your own choice. So, there is nothing to say against it. However, hidden hypnosis, tries to change, or affect your decisions unethically without informing you.

If we live in a community that adhere to the code of ethics, and respecting the rights of others, there would be no need to protect ourselves against hidden hypnosis. Because, there would be no need for covert hypnosis. Unfortunately, it is not the case at all. Even it’s becoming worse. Most of the people, no matter what the circumstances, are trying their personal interests to keep ahead of the interests of others. Moreover, even if others are getting hurt as a result…

That is why, in order to be aware of the realities of life, we must recognize hidden hypnosis and be aware of its power in order to protect ourselves when required. Because some of the people and institutions, consciously or unconsciously benefit from the power of covert hypnosis.

So, in order to defend ourselves, we must be aware of hidden hypnosis. No matter what form, the most effective defense against hidden hypnosis, is being aware of it and questioning it. People, events, and objects … But without being a paranoid.

If you want to stand out the covert hypnosis, you must always keep the defense shields of your conscious mind on alert. In order to resist hidden hypnosis, you should discuss everything. Because at the moment you give up questioning, covert hypnosis can capture you. Because hypnosis is remarkable. Hypnosis is beautiful to live with. Hypnosis is useful. Hypnosis comforts you. Under hypnosis, you don’t know how time goes past. Hypnosis offers you tailor-made solutions. Hypnosis gives you peace of mind.

Hypnosis can turn into an addiction.

However, you have the solution. In order to become protected against the traps of  Hidden Hypnosis, you must be aware of it first. You always need your awareness!

Ahmet Aksoy

Advanced Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, NLP Master, Advanced Life Coach, Speed Reading Instructor