Apr 112015
Free Procrastination Script

Free Procrastination Script Now, when you think about what you like or what you do, you feel happy. You feel better having some works to be completed in time. If there is anything to be done, you feel better while you are doing it. And you feel better when you completed it on time. It […]

Apr 102015
Free Hypnosis Scripts

Free Hypnosis Scripts In my blog, I will share some of my hypnosis scripts. If you like, you can use them as it is. However, it will be a better solution if you apply your own words in them. So you can alter and revise them to fit your needs best, or you can translate […]

May 012013
Is Hypnosis Magic?

Is Hypnosis Magic? For many people, hypnosis is a mysterious and even frightening tool which came wafting from ancient times. According to these people, by using hypnosis, anyone can be forced to do things they do not want. Hypnosis is a kind of magic. For some other people, hypnosis is only a stage game. It […]

Apr 302013
Be Aware Of Hidden Hypnosis

Be Aware Of Hidden Hypnosis In our normal lives, we go under hypnosis many times without being aware of it.  Hypnosis is completely natural. It  is  the situation that our conscious mind stops to defend itself. It occurs when our conscious mind  gives up the struggle. Some people think that hypnosis is like walking  in sleep. Yes, […]